The center has over 20 years of experience in the rehabilitation of the youngest patients. We pay special attention to the treatment of posture defects and lateral curvatures of the spine in children and adolescents. As the first facility dealing with the rehabilitation of children in the Kłobuck district, we made an effort to rehabilitate infants, children and adolescents. Many years of clinical experience have been systematically supplemented with staff training and organizational activities. The staff completed specialist courses (Bobath, Vojta, PNF, Munich functional diagnostics of infants, TIMP – test infant motor performance, kinesiotaping, manual therapy, sensorimotor integration, ultrasound diagnostics of the musculoskeletal system, treatment with botulinum toxin, treatment course for congenital and acquired foot defects., course of specialist treatment of scoliosis – Dobomed, course of treatment of scoliosis with orthopedic braces. A team of over a dozen physiotherapists has many years of experience in the rehabilitation of infants and children, which we use in cooperation with a team of 6 orthopedic doctors and rehabilitation specialists. We have developed a modern program of prevention and comprehensive treatment of scoliosis based on many years of practice and ongoing observations and scientific research. Over the years, we have been conservative treatment of several thousand children with scoliosis, constantly modifying our therapeutic program.

The beginning of the activity of the “Troniny” Therapeutic Rehabilitation Center dates back to 1996. The then-functioning pediatric and rehabilitation clinic turned into a rehabilitation clinic. The name of the Treatment Rehabilitation Center was officially given in 2000 and it functions under the same name to this day. In 2004, the idea was born to build a center in the location of Troniny 2B, and the building was put into use a year later. A doctor’s office, kinesiotherapy, physical therapy and massage departments are located on a small area. In the center, since 1998, it has been possible to use hippotherapy as a form of supporting rehabilitation for children. The facility is located away from the hustle and bustle of cities in the beautiful surroundings of the Lipie commune, allowing patients who come here to temporarily break away from the problems of everyday life.

In 2011, we opened a second branch in Częstochowa at ul. Łęczycka 24a. It is an answer to the needs of patients in the city of Częstochowa. The center is divided into two departments whose staff includes the care of both adults and children. Compared to others, the center is distinguished by many years of experience and scientific achievements in the field of diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis. Modern equipment, specialized staff, and the use of technical innovations allow us to look into the future with a high head.

Due to the great needs in the field of rehabilitation of children, the idea was born to build another center that would cope with the growing number of small patients. It was decided to purchase a prewar building with a rich history at ul. Stanisława Staszica 34. The purchase of a neighboring building intended for an orthopedic laboratory and a medical shop. This is the place where for many years doctors lived, who from generation to generation helped the inhabitants of Kłobuck, leaving a permanent mark in the history of this city. 2017 saw the opening of the Center in Kłobuck, which allows us to meet the requirements of even the most demanding patients. The building at ul. Staszica 34 regained its former glory. We hope that it will serve patients of the Kłobuck commune and the surrounding area for many years.

The center, in addition to many years of experience, has made significant scientific achievements. For over a dozen years, we have been conducting our own research in the field of posture defects and scoliosis. We presented 38 of our own scientific presentations at symposia and congresses in Poland and abroad, including two works that were awarded. We have published over a dozen of our own scientific articles in the field of rehabilitation of children and adolescents. We have developed in cooperation with the University of Jan Długosza in Częstochowa – a program of examining children for postural defects in grades III and IV of primary schools in the city of Częstochowa.

In 2020, we completed the project entitled “Study of posture defects in the district of Kłobuck”, carried out as part of the ministerial program “Zdrowy spine”. As part of the above-mentioned project, all primary school children in the Kłobuck poviat were examined. A group of children with spine and posture defects was selected for rehabilitation.

The culmination of our many years of scientific activity is the development by the medical coordinator of the center – dr Marek Kluszczyński’s proprietary method of diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis. The method, which is the result of many years of clinical experience and participation in many symposia and congresses, contains an innovative scoliosis prevention algorithm based on an innovative device by Dr. Kluszczyński called Orthometr (patent application number: P.424747). In addition, the author is the inventor of the device for the treatment of scoliosis – Gravitational Corrector of Scoliosis, patent no. P.222124. We have also implemented a project entitled ” Development of a comprehensive program for the prevention and treatment of posture defects in children and adolescents with the use of innovative devices for the diagnosis and treatment of posture defects “with the number WND-RPSL.01.02.00-24-064B / 16-002 under Measure 1.2 Research, development and innovation in enterprises of the ROP of the Śląskie Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020.