A great advantage of our facility is the comprehensive treatment of children with scoliosis, where we prepare an orthopedic corset on site. Personalized orthopedic equipment improves the effectiveness of scoliosis treatment. Treatment of a child with severe scoliosis usually begins with an individually made CHENEAU orthopedic corset. The corset is made to order – the application is reimbursed by the National Health Fund. The creation process begins with taking a measure on a patient. Initially, a plaster negative tightly fitted to the body is made. On the basis of the gypsum body, a plaster cast (i.e., positive) is made. Only on this basis- is the plastic corset modelled, taking into account the necessary therapeutic aspects. After this period, the corset is tried on for the second time. Then, the plastic corset fits the child’s body with great accuracy.

The most difficult element of creating a corset is the ability to visualize the appropriate correction in three dimensions. That is why the many years of experience of our team of specialists are so important. After proper implementation, the orthopedic corset is worn by the child for a month, and then corrective pads are adjusted according to medical recommendations. After a month of wearing the corset, the pads correcting the rib hump are precisely glued in. Then, every 3 months, the child treated with the corset should undergo a medical check-up.



Orthopaedic insoles and rehabilitation shoes are made on the basis of computerized examination of patients’ feet. We have a posture laboratory equipped with a computer podoscope and videography. These devices make it possible to objectively assess the posture of the child and adults. They illustrate the functional biomechanics of the foot. Thanks to this, we can assess the status of the patient’s body and precisely adjust the orthopedic equipment.

Trough inserts are perfect for correcting flat feet and valgus of the heels; they place the foot in a special tray thanks to its ergonomic structure.



In our studio, we also sell orthopedic insoles and confectionary footwear for children, e.g., for flat valgus feet. Preventive shoes made of grain leather, natural chamois leather and high-quality fabric with a flexible sole, with a Thomas heel and stiffening reaching above the ankle. These shoes are adapted to orthopedic insoles.