We are an institution specializing in the rehabilitation of children and adolescents. From newborns to adolescents, we look after the child’s neurological and orthopedic development. We combine comprehensive rehabilitation with innovative rehabilitation methods based on experience and our own scientific research.

An innovative method of treating scoliosis of the Spinal Reflex Balanse (SRB) using the “Gravi Spine” device by Marek Kluszczyński, MD, PhD

What makes us stand out

Comprehensive patient care from diagnostics – diagnosis, through comprehensive treatment to orthopedic equipment in one place!


Ultrasound diagnosis

In our center, it is also possible to perform a paid ultrasound examination of the musculoskeletal system, which allows one to assess the condition of soft tissues and make an appropriate diagnosis. Ultrasound diagnosis includes the motor organ in adults and early diagnosis of hip joints in infants.

Dr. Marek Kluszczyński Ultrasound of the musculoskeletal system and ultrasound of hip joints in children with rehabilitation consultation

Body posture diagnosis

- through the orthometer - orthopaedic evaluation system
- podoscopy
- videography



We provide rehabilitation in the field of orthopedics, sports rehabilitation, pre- and postoperative rehabilitation, trauma (after fractures, sprains, endoprostheses), pain syndromes of the spine and joints, neurology and rheumatology. Our facility will also help patients with pulmonary diseases, including those with a history of COVID.
We helped patients of all ages. A qualified team of therapists diagnoses and treats dysfunctions in cooperation with Dr. Marek Kluszczyński, based on modern methods of physiotherapy, on an individual approach to the patient.



Based on the diagnosis and taking the patient's measurements, the Orto-Med company manufactures appropriate medical devices such as shoe inserts, corsets, and orthotics for lower limbs.



Our strengths

Opinions of our patients

Our specialists

Marek Kluszczyński

dr n. med. pediatra, specjalista rehabilitacji medycznej

Marian Rosak

lek. med. ortopeda, specjalista rehabilitacji medycznej

Katarzyna Kluszczyńska

mgr psychologii

Magdalena Szuławska Owczarek

mgr logopedii, neurologopeda

Ewa Mizgała- Pręcikowska

mgr dietetyk kliniczny/sportowy

Adam Kluszczyński

lic. fizjoterapii

Robert Rudlicki

mgr fizjoterapii

Justyna Kucharska

lic. fizjoterapii

Bartłomiej Matusiak

mgr fizjoterapii

Damian Dobrowolski

lic. Fizjoterapii, technik masażysta

Angelika Kasprzyk

mgr fizjoterapii

Paulina Kilan

mgr fizjoterapii

Sławomir Dominiak


Karolina Blukacz

mgr fizjoterapii

Monika Gadek

technik masażysta

Justyna Posmyk

Mgr fizjoterapii

Piotr Łosik

lic. fizjoterapii, technik masażysta

Olga Szczypiór

mgr fizjoterapii

Monika Maj

mgr fizjoterapii

Izabela Kwiatkowska

mgr fizjoterapii

Agnieszka Tomczyk

mgr fizjoterapii


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September 22, 2022

3 międzynarodowe sympozjum SCOSYM w Atenach

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