Dear Parents,

If you are concerned about your child’s abnormal speech development, consult a specialist to start therapeutic work in a timely manner.

In our center, we diagnose the following:

  • delayed speech development
  • incorrect pronunciation of sounds
  • reduced efficiency of the language and speech organs
  • speech disfluency
  • nose, hearing loss, cleft palate,
  • speech and communication disorders in early childhood can be negative

affect social relationships and lower the self-esteem in the group, too late

the detected speech impediment can remain permanent and make it difficult to learn to write

and reading.


Dietary visits in our center are conducted by a specialist who has been creating individual diets for patients with great passion for many years:

  • overweight, obese, underweight
  • in anemia and malnutrition
  • for pregnant and lactating women
  • in hypertension, gout
  • diabetes, insulin resistance
  • cancer, after radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • in diseases of the pancreas, liver and stomach
  • with intestinal disorders
  • athletes, children and adolescents
  • genetic passports (obesity)
  • genetic passports for athletes
  • food intolerance tests