Correct body posture is a system of individual parts of the body that ensures optimal balance and stability of the body, requires minimal muscular effort, ensures high static and dynamic efficiency and creates conditions for the proper arrangement and functioning of internal organs.

As part of the comprehensive diagnosis of posture defects, we offer you the Posture Laboratory. It complements the medical examination and confirms the diagnosis made during a specialist visit. The Posture Laboratory offers complete, morphological measurements of the asymmetry of the body, a detailed analysis of body posture, possible both in terms of statics and dynamics, which consists of two elements: videography and podoscopy.

Body posture is a way of holding your body in a standing position that changes throughout your life depending on your age, gender, weight, health and regimen.

What is videography?

Videography allows for the precise determination of posture parameters by marking points on the patient’s body and determining values ​​such as valgus/varus angle of the knees and heels, asymmetry of the shoulders, shoulder blades, pelvis, torso inclination, torso inclination, and head positioning.

What is a podoscopic examination?

Podoscopic examination allows an accurate picture of the plantar side of the foot to be taken using the computer scanning technique. The podoscopic examination allows for the analysis of the arching of the longitudinal and transverse arch as well as the assessment of the static and dynamic stability of the feet. During the test, the shape of the feet and their function during loading can be assessed.

Podoscopic evaluation provides very important information needed to treat posture defects, knee joint pain and spine ailments.

The following patients should primarily benefit from podiatry treatments:

  • affected by foot skin diseases (calluses, corns),
  • with incorrect positioning of the feet and deformation of the fingers (bunions, sparrow fingers),
  • with diseases of the ankle, knee and hip joints
  • with metabolic diseases (diabetes, rheumatism)

Due to the actual mapping of the sole of the foot, which is the base element of the correct posture, it is possible to select and make individual prophylactic supplies, i.e., personalized orthopedic insoles, etc.

It is recommended to perform a test in the child’s posture laboratory, obtaining a precise image of the posture thanks to videography and a podoscopic examination that accurately diagnoses the structure and functions of the feet.

It is also possible to perform videography or podoscopy alone.

The examination is performed in Kłobuck, ul. Staszica 34 by the Master of Physiotherapy, after prior appointment (tel. 697 120 100 during the clinic’s working hours)