October 22, 2021

Rehabilitation after covid COVID-19

“Physiotherapy program for people after COVID-19” BACK TO FULL EFFICIENCY!

To start rehabilitation after undergoing COVID-19, you must have a referral from a primary health care physician. The purpose of rehabilitation is to improve respiratory fitness and breathlessness, which have a negative impact on the activity of life.

The program start includes a patient who has had COVID-19.

Rehabilitation takes place within 6 months of the end of COVID-19 treatment.

The program participant could not use other rehabilitation services during the rehabilitation period.

The program includes:

• Initial physiotherapy visit including:

• Subject examination, inter alia, assessment of the intensity of symptoms reported by the patient, including dyspnoea on a modified Borg scale [0-10], mMRC (0-4) and MFIS fatigue;

• Physical examination including, but not limited to, assessment of respiratory pattern, respiratory rate, assessment of muscle strength,

• Assessment of physical fitness and definition of a rehabilitation program plan;

• An individual therapeutic visit tailored to the patient’s needs

Prohealth education of the patient concerning learning breathing techniques and physical activity to be continued independently at home

• Final physiotherapeutic visit including:

• Assessment of the intensity of symptoms (modified Borg scale, mMRC; fatigue-MFIS)

• Assessment of exercise tolerance

• Physical fitness assessment (SPPB)

• Recommendations

Contact number for the patient to contact our facility Troniny 2B 42-165 July: 697-120-100; (34) 318-85-20; 665-245-100

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